Riding Through National Bike Month With Priority Bicycles

Not everyone takes advantage of this commuting method, of course, but all employees do have access to our bike share program for quick trips or breaks.

The beginnings of this bike share program were serendipitous. I’ve been riding bikes since I was 4. They’re a passion of mine. So when I showed up to a meeting that had 2 huge boxes from Priority Bicycles, who just happen to be one of our customers, I completely derailed the meeting to talk about the bikes. It was then that I learned our Co-Founder Dan wanted there to be a bike share that would make checking bikes in or out easy—and someone to make it happen.

When it came time to select bicycles for our bike share, Dan looked to Priority, because Priority and Mailchimp share a similar mission: We both strive to build a product that’s easy to use, approachable for any customer, and is reasonably priced.

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