Keep Your Business Sailing Smoothly While You’re on Vacation

Prepare your team for success

Before you catch a beach-bound or ski slope-destined flight, you should make sure your team and your tools are set up to run the show while you’re gone.

Your team will need a few things from you before you go:

  • A plan. Delegate specific tasks to specific people and give them the details they need to get the job done.
  • A way to get in touch. Whether you plan to check in regularly or only in an emergency, set up an app like Slack to make communication easy.
  • Access. Give your people access to the documents and tools you normally use, like stuff in your Mailchimp account, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Fortunately, it’s easy to share access to your Mailchimp account. Before you leave town, create multi-user logins in your account for the people you’re leaving in charge of your marketing outreach. You can even set up levels of permissions so that your co-workers access only what they need.

With all of this preparation, you can leave town with peace of mind. But just in case, be sure to download the mobile app on your phone so that you can check on everything while you’re away.

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