How We Encourage Side Hustles

When creativity is one of your company’s core values, you get to work alongside some super-talented people. And when super-talented people have good ideas, things like Freddie’s Makers Market happens.

It all started with an email from Ashe, one of our Billing Coordinators. “I was thinking, as we get closer to the holidays, what if employees who have a side hustle could set up a table and bring in their goods for other employees to shop?”

Mailchimp is full of creators and craftspeople who make awesome stuff outside the office. You can find them selling their wares on Etsy, at neighborhood festivals, and in local boutiques. Sometimes, they just enjoy making things for their friends. Ashe was right. We have a lot of creative side hustles going on at our company. What better way than to show them off and help them sell some stuff?

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