Content Marketing Strategy Principles for 2019 & Beyond

Content marketing is a key component of your company’s presence in the marketplace. In a recent survey, 96% of advertisers said content marketing is effective for their brands.

From how-to videos that drive visitors to your website to a newsletter that positions you as a thought leader, this marketing strategy can come in many forms and involves countless tactics.

Infographics and video are skyrocketing in popularity as audiences consume bite-sized content, but written content and email marketing campaigns continue to more than hold their own. Useful tips, strategic insights, or simply entertainment are all effective ways to implement content marketing today.

But regardless of the tactic, the key to creating content that drives website visits, improves conversion, and creates brand lift is to understand what your audience needs and how you can best provide it.

Common Challenges for Companies

However, with audiences hungry to engage and the available delivery methods seemingly endless, the content marketing landscape is crowded and noisy.

Developing content marketing executions that stand out from the crowd while still addressing the audiences’ wants and needs is one of the biggest challenges facing companies. Purposeful research and a direct line of communication with your customers is key to developing content that matters and stories that shape perception. Keeping content fresh and up-to-date is another area where businesses might have difficulty.

Maintaining an editorial calendar for new content and conducting regular audits of your existing content are sound ways to overcome those challenges while ensuring you have a sustainable flow of content all year. When planning our content calendar, remember that quality trumps quantity.

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